Terms and Conditions

Anybody can upload files/e-books related on government/non-government jobs (BCS, Bank, and non-cadre). Sometimes we create/collect important files from internet for our own needs. After getting jobs, these files become unnecessary. Please lend a helping hand for the jobs seekers through sharing more and more files possessed by you by any means.

Conditions for file uploading:
1. Only PDF or word files
2. Must be related on BCS, Bank, non-cadre etc.
3. Please think twice about the intellectual property rights before uploading
4. Please think about whether it goes against the interest of others
5. Address of this website will be water marked in all uploaded files
6. No other editing will be done.

Rules for uploading:
1. Press upload button
2. Write your name in new window
3. Select your file by pressing 'choose file button'
4. Press 'upload file button'
5. Wait for successful message

Our Tasks on uploaded file:
1. Checking relevancy
2. Checking/ ensuring previous uploading of the file
3. Finally opening for all after water-marking the address of this site
4. No intellectual property rights will be applicable
5. No file that will go against our policy will be uploaded

Please read before downloading books:
The practical application of online learning is now highly popular due to the mass expansion of IT in this modern age. Everybody is now being used to practice knowledge in his mobile/computer due to scarcity of time. Now-a-days e-book has become much popular. Because of not being possible to move with books always, some of us read e-book on our mobiles or other electronic devices. The use of it is much more noticeable. The high competition and scarcity of government jobs in Bangladesh have made them attentive in their study. Moreover, without proper use of time, to make a good score in the job exam is quite impossible. The meaning of proper use of time is to study more in every place/ to do this you have to study everywhere. The only way of it is to carry on your study in everywhere keeping e-book on your mobile. In this website, the facility of uploading and downloading of e-book related on government/non-government jobs (BCS, Bank, and Non-cadre) is open for all.

Read! Before download:
1. All files are publicly uploaded 2. All PDF books are not properly updated, so download it at your own risk. 2. All the pages of all files will be water marked with the address of this website 3. No other editing will be done except the above 4. The authority of this website will not take any responsibility of the file after download.

All kind of results will be shown from respective official websites. So, any kind of dissimilarity is not our responsibility.

This website is not a competitor of others relative websites. This website is a non commercial effort. If any of our item may similar with others website, that item may uploaded by public accordingly our uploading terms and conditions and any kind of disputes over that file will not concern of the authority of this website.