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It is an excellent study resource for candidates preparing for BCS and other job examinations in Bangladesh. This PDF document contains tailored study materials, including sample questions and notes, for improving English proficiency. This resource allows candidates to study at their own pace and reference easily. It offers grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing skills improvement. BCS English PDF is an essential tool for exam preparation and building confidence in understanding English language proficiency. It helps you succeed in the BCS and other job exams that assess English competence.

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English Words 62 Download
English Words-61 Download
Synonym Technique 60 Download
Prep. And Conj. 59 Download
One Word Substitutes 58 Download
Misspelt Words 57 Download
Adjective 56 Download
Adverb 55 Download
All tenses 54 Download
Analogy 53 Download
Analogy 52 Download
Appropriate Prep. 51 Download
Bank Vocabulary 50 Download
Adjective 49 Download
Translation 48 Download
Word Meanings 47 Download
Correct Spelling 46 Download
Noun 45 Download
Adverb 44 Download
Daily star Words 43 Download
Translation -42 Download
Idioms And Phrases-41 Download
English Idioms a to z-40 Download
Important Words-39 Download
Vocabulary-38 Download
Analogy-37 Download
Noun-36 Download
One Word Substitution-35 Download
Pair Of Words-34 Download
Sentence Completion-33 Download
Sentence Completion-32 Download
Vocabulary-31 Download
Tag Questions-30 Download
Tesne -29 Download
Vocabulary-28 Download
Daily Star Words-27 Download
Daily Star Words-26 Download
Daily Star Words -25 Download
Degree-24 Download
Wren n Martin-23 Download
Grammar Part-22 Download
Grammar Part-21 Download
Grammar Part 20 Download
Lecture Sheets -19 Download
Sentance Correction -18 Download
Self Practice -17 Download
Grammar -16 Download
group verbs -15 Download
Idioms and Phrases -14 Download
Important Vocabulary -13 Download
Learn English -12 Download
Noun -11 Download
Parts Of Speech -10 Download
Pronoun -9 Download
Pronoun -8 Download
Sentence Completion -7 Download
Subject Verb Agreement -6 Download
Sushanta Paul -5 Download
Tense & Translation -4 Download
Words and Phrases -3 Download
Vocabulary -2 Download
Vocabulary -1 Download

Subject: English

( Marks Distribution )

Ten subjects are included in the BCS preliminary test. English is the most critical of those subjects. You have to answer 35 English questions out of total 200 questions.

For long and healthy preparation you may follow - Oracle BCS preliminary English.
For short and Quick preparation you may follow - MP3 BCS Preliminary English.
Both of students must follow English for competitive Exams by Professor's Publications.

Part -1: Language (Marks-20)

Parts of Speech, Idioms and Phrases, Clauses, Corrections, Sentence and Transformations, Words, Composition

Part-2: Literature (Marks-15)

English Literature: (Names of Writers of literary pieces from Elizabethan period to the 21st century, Quotations from drama / poetry of different ages.)