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Use the BCS Science PDF book to prepare for BCS and other job exams. This comprehensive study resource focuses on physics, chemistry, biology, and environmental science for candidates in Bangladesh. Candidates gain more understanding of scientific concepts and problem-solving skills through the BCS Science PDF book. With its easy-to-follow format and detailed explanations, this resource is an essential tool for effective exam preparation. Build your foundation in scientific knowledge and boost your chances of success in BCS and other job exams.

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Subject: General Science

( Marks Distribution )

Ten subjects are included in the BCS preliminary test. Science is one of important part of those subjects. You have to answer 15 Science questions out of total 200 questions.

For long and healthy preparation you must follow - Text books from six to ten.
For short and Quick preparation you may follow -Oracle, MP3 BCS Preliminary Science.

Physical Science : Marks -5

Material Condition, Multipurpose use of Carbon,The structure of the Atom, Acid, Alkali, Salt, Soap Work, Corrosion of Matter, Physical Quantity and its Measurements, Development of Physical Science, Magnetism, Wave and Sound, Heat and Thermodynamics, The Nature of the Light etc.

Biology : Marks -5

Biological Religion of Substance, Tissue, Genetics, Biodiversity, Animal Diversity, Plant Diversity, Animal Tissue, Organ and Organ Systems, Photosynthesis, Virus, Bacteria, Zoological Nomenclature, Botanical Nomenclature, Animal Kingdom, Plants, Flowers, Fruits, Blood and Blood Circulation, Vitamin, Microbiology, Blood Pressure etc.

Mordern Science : Marks -5

The History of the Creation of the World, Cosmic Ray, Black hole, Higg Particles, Barimondol, Tide, Atmosphere, Techtonic pellet, Cyclone, Tsunami, Evolution, Marine Life, Human body, The Causes and Remedies of the Disease, Infectious Diseases, The Living of Germs, Mother and Child Health, Imagination and Vaccination etc.